Michelin 24R21 XZL Tire


Type : Construction Equipment tyre
Tyre construction type: Pneumatice Radial
Size: 24 R 21
Tyre condition 100%
Compactible axle: universal
Year of manufacture: 2023
Condition type: new

Load Range :                           H

Catalogue Number :          76025

Loaded Radius :                   631 mm

Overall Diameter  :             1,388 mm

Overall width :                      608 mm

Approved Rims :                  18.00

Min. Dual Spacing :            0 mm

RPM :                                          238 rpk

Thread Depth :                       25 mm

Max Speed :                              89 kph

Max Load Per Tire Single :   7100/590 kgs/kPa

Max Load Per Tire Dual :     0/0 kgs/kPa

Tire Weight :                              191 kgs


New – Michelin 24R21 XZL Construction Equipment Tire

The all-terrain, all-position radial for special service such as Emergency Response vehicles like fire trucks, the Panther fire truck, airport fire truck, Morita fire engine, Fresia fire engine, Fire Fighting Truck Oshkosh produced by Rosenbauer.

–  Self-cleaning, open shoulder tread design features offset elements to help enhance traction and floatation capabilities on varied terrains including snow, sand, mud and highway.

–  All-terrain, non-directional tread design for added versatility.

–  Full-width steel belts and elastic protector ply help provide extra casing protection against most off-road hazards.

–  Tubeless construction compatible with Central Tire Inflation systems and bead locks. May be used with tube.


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